Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"The Special One" is already at home in Italy!

Just read an article online, and although not Israel-related, I thought that for the football-fans among us it was funny enough to warrant a mention.

Apparently Jose Mourinho's move to Italy has been about well received by his fellows in the trade. It would seem that already the self-dubbed "Special One" has already managed to irk Catania director Pietro La Monaco to the extent that he felt that he had to launch an incredible stinging attack on the new Inter Milan boss.

Prior to the win, Mourinho stated: "We want to win, we have to win, and I think we will win because, we're better, both as a team, and on an individual level"

After the 2-1 win, the Portuguese rogue then commented, "Catania played their game, but on the night the right result should have been 3-1, 4-1, or 5-1."

This arrogance, not atypical to Mourinho, as many an Englishman would testify, has not sat well with Jose's new Italian counterparts. After an Inter Milan team that was reduced to 10 men won 2-1 by a very dubious goal, Catania's director Pietro La Monaco was asked what he thinks of the new Inter Milan manager.

And while his team had lost to goal that may not have crossed the line, he was in no doubt that Mourinho himself had done so, the fuming La Monaco accusing Mourinho of a lack of respect. "Someone who says these things has no respect for his adversaries. He deoesn't respect the host nation (Italy), or the coaches. If he doesn't win this year, he should pack up his suitcase and go back to his country."

"Mourinho is simply someone who should be smacked in the mouth."

Evidently, the Special One seems to have made himself quite at home in Milan. Didn't take too long did it?

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