Friday, October 03, 2008

Parshat Vayelech - פרשת וילך

I have had a rather busy week, what with Rosh Hashanah and all that jazz, so I have taken the lazy option this week and copied a few divrei torah from the Aish website and with a little editing brought them together. Sorry, but I'm sure you'll understand...

"And Moshe went" (Vayelech, 31:1)
The question is obvious! Where did he go? The answer is given that Moshe's tent was outside the camp of Am Yisrael. When Moshe desired to gather the people, he would have the trumpets blown (see Bamidbar 10:7). On this day, his last day on earth, it would not be fitting to display the trappings of royalty, so Moshe walked into the camp to address the people.

Others explain that Moshe purposely displayed his physical stamina by energetically walking in front of the people. Showing that he was physically fit at the age of 120, his next words, "I am unable to go out and come in," refer to Torah. When the gates of Torah were closed, Moshe had no desire to live.

The great Rabbi Boruch Ber Lebowitz of Kaminetz (in Lithuania) heard someone proclaim, "Without Torah we cannot live!" The rabbi reportedly exclaimed, "And even if we could - who would want to?!"

"And now write for you this song" (Vayelech 31:19).
This pasuk contains the last commandment in the Torah - to write a Torah scroll. The Chafetz Chaim noted that this mitzvah comes right after the verse which states that Hashem will hide His presence from the people because of their aveirot. The reason this commandment follows the previous verse is to teach us that even in times of darkness and destruction when one engages in Torah study one will find much light and consolation.

Alright, I have to run! Have a beautiful Shabbat!

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