Monday, November 17, 2008

Just two quick thoughts of mine

Having been ill recently, I've had a little bit time to think about "stuff."

Two things have been on my mind. They are both fairly trivial, but I want to put them up here to see what responses, if any, they trigger.

First up: I note the recent furore in America over California's Proposition 8, which is attempting to determine marriage. Thinking it over, I came to the realisation that as the gay community are merely seeking equal rights, and they do not really care about marriage.

Marriage is treated with increasing disdain in the modern world, and the only people who really care about it are religious. The overwhelming majority of people across the globe nowadays think nothing of pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relations. Marriage is an anachronism to most modern, "forward-thinking" Western minds. If the gay community really want equal rights, they should ignore the tag of being married. (After all, even those who do believe in marriage only mock the concept of being faithful to one partner for life by having affairs and/or getting divorced, often repeatedly. I wonder whether people actually believe themselves when they say "Till death do us part.")

From a Torah perspective, my Rabbanim are absolutely right when they say that we should stop listening to modern music. I mean, can I listen to and sing songs about love by a 17 year old girl or boy band, and honestly humour their oh so deep "thoughts?" They will sing about true love, and the next line will be "I'll never break your heart again." Why should anybody's heart be broken even once? Hearts aren't made to broken. Of course our darling Ms. Britney Spears believes in love, of course she believes in marriage - after all, she's been married three times! How does that girl look in the mirror in the morning and take herself seriously? No wonder she had a breakdown a year or two ago.

If the gay community want to be accepted, they should take themselves seriously and sleep around. It's what everyone else is doing!

Second thought, and it's a short one - Only men can be romantics. I mean, I take it as a given that girls are romantics, and I expect every girl I meet to be sensitive in that way. In fact, I would worry if I met a girl who isn't a romantic. So girls, please don't call yourselves "a hopeless romantic" on your facebook page, because a) you shouldn't put your life up for display, and b) You're a girl, you're supposed to be. It's just being girly. So only men can be romantics. Thankfully there are enough men out there who are determined to be macho (even more than I am) to make guys like me seem a little bit sensitive.

Lastly, men who call themselves "hopeless romantic" or the like on their facebook page are banal. End of.

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