Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We are most amused.

I make it my business to keep up with the world's latest news and opinions, and while some of the material I come across on the main news agencies can be very dry, once in a while a story pops up that is so funny as to make all the hours wasted sifting through mundane politics worthwhile. Here is one such article.

While the concept of dealing with local leaders is certainly not new, the kinds of products traded in the past tended to be more practical. Having said that, the results seem to be fantastic:

In the case of the 60-year-old warlord - the head of a clan in southern Afghanistan who had not co-operated - operatives saw he had four younger wives. The pills were explained and offered. Four days later the agents returned.

"He came up to us beaming," the Post quoted an agent as saying. "He said, 'You are a great man... And after that we could do whatever we wanted in his area."

The pills could put chieftains "back in an authoritative position", another official said.

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