Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm back!

Sorry about my lack of posts recently, but I did warn you.

I sat my SAT examination on Sunday, and I remain confident that it went rather well, but I don't know just yet. My results should be posted online on the 10th of February, so for those who are close with me, call me that evening and I'll let you know how I did...

Unfortunately, without sounding too morbid, because I was so busy I missed Israel's most newsworthy event since the Second Lebanon War. My brother, a machine-gunner in Golani's 51st Battalion was thankfully considered too inexperienced to see heavy fighting and was assigned the job of providing cover fire from outside of Gaza city. Baruch Hashem he had a relatively uneventful time in Gaza, but he did have some intense moments. The stories are his to tell, but I can say that I was mightily relieved to see him back home in the Old City this past weekend, alive and well.

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