Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A viral you might appreciate

I don't normally do internet virals, but this video was sent to me by my dad, and for once, I found myself amused by something other than the usual mundane drivel I'm used to being sent. This video had my roommates and I gobsmacked and left us in fits of laughter!

Funnily enough, a friend on the other side of the world posted the link to this video in her facebook status a few hours after I watched it, and I thought to myself, "Yeah honey, I'm sure your video's interesting and all, but the one I saw last night totally beats whatever you just posted. In fact, I'll send you the link to my video now..." But when I clicked the link, I got the same video. I first saw the video when it had been viewed only about 1,700 times. At the time of "going to blog" there have been upwards of 11,00 hits. Just goes to show how fast things move in this internet-enabled world of ours...

A word of warning - you must be Jewish to appreciate this.


And then I found this!

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