Monday, January 18, 2010

Israeli parking

I was walking through Rehavia one night recently when I walked past one of the oddest cases of parking I'd seen in a while.

Israelis are notoriously bad drivers, so it should come as no surpise to see parking like this. I don't know who parked their vehicle first and who parked afterwards, but whoever came second and left their car like this really needs to have their eyes tested. I mean, what with the lights on and all, it's not as if they couldn't fail to notice the other car!


  1. Only in Israel.
    Sometimes they can be so inconsiderate and cocky! And other times they can be the best people in the world. (see Haiti)

  2. Oh, didn't you know PZ, our aid in Haiti is just a cunning plan to garner the world's support for the evil Zionists.

    It's a Zionist PR scam - Israel doesn't really care about Haitans, we're just exploiting the occassion to cover ourselves in glory!

    At least, that's what some would have you believe:,7340,L-3836929,00.html

  3. My mistake! I was just reading about the Zionist conspiracy earlier today

  4. The Zionist caused the earthquake so they would have a pretext to invade Haiati with their soldiers disguised as doctors and nurses.