Thursday, April 01, 2010

Saw this a while ago

I'd seen the map below a while back, but only ever thought of it as a useful educational resource. It seems highly accurate and very well put together, with good graphics to boot. Despite all this, I didn't think I'd need to look at it again. But having seen a recent blog entry by Daled Amos, I've realised that this map isn't simply a useful one-dimensional educational resource, but also an important one that quite clearly presents the history of the region and allows viewers to understand the scale of the territory being fought over today.

Often I have debates with people about the legitmacy of the Jewish claim to the land of Israel and I wonder whether these people have any idea about the size of the land of Israel relative to the surrounding states or the historic presence of the Jewish people. Assuming that this map is indeed accurate, I would highly recommend all to view it as it really is very enlightening.

Additionally, as Daled Amos (quoting Israellycool) challenges: "See if you can spot when a Palestinian state existed".

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