Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have an exam in under three hours...

I have an exam in under three hours, but you wouldn't know it. I've completely given up on passing this one as I have been ill over the last three days or so and haven't managed to revise. So what the heck - I'm not going to break into a sweat; I'll just do "Moed Bet."

Moed Bet is best rendered into English as "Time B," or my figuratively, "take two." Apparently the Moed Bet exams are a little harder, but I haven't got much option. In any case, it seem like most of my course will be there the second time round as I am a social sciences student, and this particular exam is the one that none of us want to study; it's a module in statistics. The whole course is filled with liberal arts minds; almost none of us have any desire to study something based on figures, but the powers that be. As we like to remind ourselves when struggling with such concepts as standard deviation and variance; "Statistics is the bane of social sciences students; it's not just me who hates this subject with a passion." It's some consolation to know that we all are up against a common enemy. In actual fact, it's almost pleasant to know that I'm struggling so badly in this particular module - I have had almost no stress at all and am at total inner peace. I know that within a month or two I will have to sit the retake exam, but until then, I am experiencing the liberty borne of knowing I am destined to fail this exam :)

Despite my personal aversion to numbers, I cannot deny that mathematics is highly important. The work produced by the scientists and mathemeticians here in the Holy Land is something to be especially proud of. In fact, take a peek at the clip below for the latest mind-boggling invention our home-grown boffins have come up with. Now boycott that!

*Hat tip to Jonathan Sacerdoti for finding this and to Chas Newkey-Burden of OyVaGoy for locating a Youtube version of the clip.

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