Monday, February 15, 2010

Once in a while...

Every so often in Israel, I stumble across things that really cause me to worry.

As I was leaving shul one morning last month I took the photograph below. Apparently this father and son ride the mean streets of Jerusalem together. It looks kind of cute if you ask me, if you conveniently ignore the minor issue that this tomfoolery is only mildy life-threatening. Yes, it's even more dangerous than my ill-advised headphone-enhanced urban cycling. Seriously, what kind of responsible parent would even dream of giving an infant a ride on the back of a speeding motorcycle through a bustling city like Jerusalem, a town with tight streets and angry motorists?

It seemed like the kid in question actually wasn't all too fussed and that he was fairly used to this "hold on to Aba for dear life" drill, but still - kids are liable to get distracted or do stupid things.

You really do have to wonder about some people's common sense.

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