Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Please support the Zionist Federation

Having helped out at the Zionist Federation last year, I can say with utter sincerity that this is a cause that genuinely deserves your support. When you imagine the leading Zionist organisation in the UK, you might be excused for thinking of a bunch of hard-core "Zionists", in the way that Zionist has been turned into a nasty insult by those anarchists, trendy lefties and Arabs who hate Israel. But the fact is that you won't find any fundamentalists involved. Each and every single person I encountered in my brief stint turned out to be an understanding individual, someone who listened and was considerate of the needs of the other party in the Israel-Arab conflict.

Some might have us believe that being a Zionist means being a narrow-minded fascist, but the truth is that the Zionist Federation does an incredible amount of work on Israel's, and British Jewry's behalf.

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